Mt Olive Painting Company


About Us


​​​My name is Joe LeBerte Jr- Founder & owner. ​

I would like to speak briefly about my family, our company & the relentlessly hard working men & women who make it all possible. After all, the most effective & long lasting relationships begin with trust. 

A little about myself- I have to say that I am an extremely lucky man. lucky enough to say that I am a husband to an intelligent, talented & beautiful woman named Stephanie. We have been blessed with being the parents of three amazing children.  

Mt Olive Painting Co-is not one of the biggest or oldest painting outfits in Birmingham. We are professional & qualified entirely dedicated to our customers & highly qualified, trained & skilled. All staff & ownership are professionals in every way required to ensure a great, long-standing relationship with our customers. As we begin each project we carefully plan & organize as needed to help make every experience a great one for the homeowner.  A few words come to mind when thinking about & describing our work ethics. We are focused, approachable & trusting. Due to work & other schedules, a lot of our customers are not able to be at home while we are in their residence working, thus leaving us there alone.  Just as if you were there alongside us, we represent ourselves with integrity & honesty. Those qualities in a painter are just as, if not more important to me than anything else when hiring new staff members. 

Our professional promise- I have told all team members & staff-  "We are not the typical painters or pop up companies. We are not the commonly thought of painters people may have witnessed or have heard terror stories about. We are Mt Olive Painting contractors." All staff, myself included, all take great pride in that. Driven by breaking the mold & providing the absolute best experience to our customers. If you meet with myself & our staff you will see what I mean. We are passionate, respectful & driven, true painting professionals.

My company is family owned and operated- Providing true professionalism in all scopes of work. We treat each of our customers' homes as if it were one of our own. If we wouldn't allow it where our families live, we won't allow it where yours does either! At Mt. Olive Painting we thrive & continue to assist homeowners & commercial businesses from our steady & rapidly growing repeat customer base, references, referrals & overall word of mouth. Our whole team is dedicated to making each customer experience the very best possible. This is my company, this is how I feed & provide for my family. My family means everything to me & so does customer satisfaction. If you give Mt. Olive Painting the opportunity to work with you, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I make it my objective to make sure all my customers are 100% without a doubt thoroughly pleased. Give us a call at your convenience to set up your free estimate. 

Thank you for your time, I look forward to working with you!.​​


                                                                                                                 Joseph LeBerte Jr.